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Currently the Heritage Membership is at its’ 200 Family limit. This limit was set by the Town of Concord when they approved the Special Permit for the Heritage Club to be constructed in 1968.

A waiting list is available. Please click here for waiting list application . Send the form and a check (to Heritage Pool and Racquet Club) for $100 waitlist fee (non-refundable) to:

Sandy Caggiano
Membership Chairman
94 Dalton Road
Concord MA 01742

You shall be placed on the waiting list once the fee is received. You shall be given a logon name and password to allow you to check your status on the waiting list. At the beginning of each year, the Membership Committee begins the process of determining how many wait list families may be eligible to join the Club. Once the determination of how many slots are available, we shall contact those families at the top of the waiting list.

Types of Membership:

  • Click here for waiting list application

  • Family Membership (maximum of 200 families)
  • $1,850 Non-refundable Initiation Fee
  • $1,100 Annual Dues plus seasonal costs (lessons/teams/social)
  • Club Renovation Assessment (Existing and New Members required to pay) (3) payments @ $300 each - total $900

  • Emeritus – 10 yrs full membership / 5 year eligibility
  • $500 Annual Dues
  • Limited to 14 pool visits per season
  • Not eligible for teams/lessons
  • Assessment Fee required

  • Inactive
  • $100 fee for inactive status
  • Suspends Membership for 1 years

  • Waiting List
  • $100 non-refundable fee
  • Click here for link to waiting list page

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Admission Procedure

  • Currently there is a waiting list for those wishing to join the Club
  • Fill out the Membership Application
  • Send application along with $100 non-refundable waiting list fee to:

Sandy Caggiano
Membership Chairman
 94 Dalton Road 
Concord MA 01742

Resignation Procedure 

  • Members who joined prior to 2006 season (Bondholding members):
  • A dated letter of resignation must be written by Bondholder
  • Make copy of letter and Bond for your records prior to mailing
  • Notify Membership Chairman of pending resignation
  • Submit resignation letter and Bond to Membership Chairman
  • Bond Redemption shall be executed 14 business days upon receipt of Bond. 

    Members who joined on 2006 season or later:
  • A dated letter of resignation must be written by Member.
  • Notify Membership Chairman of pending resignation
  • Submit resignation letter to Membership Chairman  

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